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Gregg Tuttle's Study Guides for LSIT's * Areas Of Study On The Az Rls State Specific Exam
* Heads Up About The Ncees Examinations
* Lsit - Ls Application Work History Newsletter
* Places All Aspiring Az Surveyors Should Visit
* Experience Options Alternatives
  * 2004-01 Who Can Write A Legal Description
* Azls Candidate Handbook - 2002-2003
* Acceptable Experiences For Registration
* Preparing For & Taking Exams - Professional Surveyor Mag
* 2006-09-16 ARS References For Az Specific Exams
* Significant Digits
GPS, Geodesy, and the Ghost in the Machine (Workbook) Michael Dennis generously makes available for non-profit, educational purposes, his presentation:
GPS, Geodesy,and the Ghost in the Machine.
UPDATED June 2010 - Michael presented this excellent work at the 2005 APLS Annual Conference in Prescott, Arizona. (1.2 MB)
GPS, Geodesy, and the Ghost in the Machine (PowerPoint) UPDATED June 2010 -Companion PowerPoint Presentation by Michael Dennis (98 MB)
Arizona Surveying and Boundary Law (1989) Arizona Surveying and Boundary Law by Ron Platt, Rls (24MB)
Mr. Platt generously provides his book free of charge.
Permission to post this file for download was given by the author.
Principles Of Surveying (1960) Principles of Surveying by J. Clendinning -- Public Domain (16MB)
Elementary Surveying (1947) Elementary Surveying by Arthur Lovat Higgins -- Public Domain (8MB)
Territory of Arizona (1857) Memoir of the Proposed Territory of Arizona by Sylvester Mowry -- Public Domain (< 1 MB)
Arizona State Land Dept Cadastral & Survey Review Unit Manual Of Survey For Boundary Surveys, Land Title Surveys, State Plats, and Amended State Plats -- 3rd Amended: September 2003 (< 1 MB)
Phoenix Traffic Barricade Manual City Of Phoenix 1998 Traffic Barricade Manual (13.5 MB)
Phoenix Traffic Barricade Addendum City Of Phoenix 1998 Traffic Barricade Manual (2006 Addenda) (1.5MB)
NAD-83 Monument Listing NAD-83 Lat-Lon Listing with Monument descriptions by Qtr/Section/Twnshp/Range in Metro Phoenix
Have you ever heard someone mention a 16/13 corner and wonder what the heck they we're talking about? Wonder no more ;-)
Curve Calculator General purpose curve calculator for Windows (Win98/NT/XP/Vista)
Freeware by Kevin Diggins (2007)
Google Township Search Choose a Section, Township, & Range in Arizona and this tiny program generates a Lat/Lon near the center of section, then submits a Google Maps query using that Lat/Lon . This is a quick way to get a birds-eye view of an area.
Freeware by Kevin Diggins (2006)
MS Excel Cell Level Protection: HOWTO If you regularly work with Excel spreadsheets, you will eventually want to learn how to exploit Cell Level Protection.
This is an illustrated step-by-step set of instructions by Kevin Diggins.
HP41 Emulator For Windows
HP41-SurveyPAC Quick_Reference Card

* Excellent HP41 emulator for Windows. Complete RPN and fully programmable. Uses kernel licensed by HP.
* Betcha didn't know that the emulator would run the original HP41 Survey module.  It does and it is easy to set up!
* Be sure to get this original HP41 Quick Reference Card for the HP41 Survey Pac.